MOBE Matt Lloyd: Why You Should Allow Your Employees to Work Remotely

MOBE Matt Lloyd: The office is no longer necessary. With latest technologies, many businesses can fully operate without having a traditional office that require employees to come in for a 9 to 5. People can work from the comfort of their own homes, which has been found to actually make them more productive.

Increased Production

Stanford Professor; Nicholas Bloom and James Liang-founder of a Chinese travel website- gave some of the website’s call center staff a chance to work from home for nine months. At the end of the study, performance data and employee responses showed that the group that worked from home completed 13.5% more calls than those in the office.

Happier Employees

People are a lot more relaxed in an environment that is customized to their needs and preference, and that is usually not the office. The office provides a lot of distractions that employees can’t control; people walking in and out of the office, other employees on the phone, etcetera. When working remotely, employees usually have a quite environment, save on commuting time, and generally work longer hours.

Saves Money

Bloom’s study also found working from home to be very cost effective; the company saved $1, 900 per employees for nine months on furniture and space. This will be helpful for startups working on a tight budget.

Flexible Hours

In a study by CareerArc, 75% of the participants placed workplace flexibility at the top of their priorities.  Because they are working in their space, your employees can choose flexible working hours that suit their heightened energy spike. People can also work longer house and be more productive because they cut travel time, and get to do their job when they are most energetic.


Your employees are your best assets, and workers are most productive when they are happy in the with their job conditions. A lot of people will appreciate the opportunity of working in their own space, so if an employee’s job does not require them to be in the office, give them an opportunity to work remotely.


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