How to Handle Objections to Joining The MOBE Affiliate Program

How to Handle Objections to Joining The MOBE Affiliate Program

Many people who learn about MOBE understand the business model and see the financial potential they stand to gain if they join the MOBE affiliate program. Most are still reluctant about signing up though, and the main reason for that is their employee mindset.

People are used to showing up, doing their work, and getting paid. With the MOBE affiliate program, just ‘showing up’ is not enough. You could devote many hours a day to the business, but if you don’t get results, you won’t get paid. That is what people have a problem with, not getting paid for time put in.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

To be successful with the MOBE affiliate program, you need to have an entrepreneurial mindset. As an entrepreneur, you understand that your earning comes from your results. You won’t get paid for the time you take researching and learning about the business, setting it up, and promoting it. But this is a roadmap that leads to you getting paid, and if you do this initial setup stage well enough, your will be able to increase your income every time without having to increase your working hours.

Solution to Objection

The only solution to this objection is to drive people away from their employee mindset. Make them realize that as an employee, their income is in the hands of the employer. How much they earn, their increment, it all depends on their employers. As an entrepreneur, the ball is in their court. What they earn will depend entirely on them.

They do not even have to quit their day job yet, they can use their time wisely to keep a job and learn about the MOBE affiliate program. Then they will start implementing what they learnt, earning commissions, and growing the business. They can keep scaling up until they are at a point where their earning is steady, and they believe they are financialy comfortable enough to leave their job and focus on the business.

Tell your prospects that their financial freedom depends on them. If they stay as an employee only, their income will remain stagnant, increasing only here and there, when their employer decided they deserve it. If they join the MOBE affiliates program, it is up to them how much they will earn.

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