MOBE Ratings: Legitimate Solo Ads Provider

MOBE Ratings: Solo ads are a good traffic source because they are highly scalable, and deliver leads that are highly ready to buy. As important as they are, you could lose thousands of dollars on fake clicks that brings in no sales if you buy from a dishonest solo ads provide. So, how do you find legitimate solo ads providers?

Reviews, Testimonials, and Case Studies

Find a solo ad provide with reviews, ratings, and testimonials on their website to see what the customers think about them. Its wiser to trust actual screenshots of emails and Facebook messages from customers than the provider’s words. You also want to Google the provider’s name and find out what others have to say about them.

Direct Opinions

You should also look for customer opinions of the provider online. Go to business or digital marketing social groups and ask if anyone has used the product before, and their general view and experience with the provider. For example, as a MOBE consultant, you could go to MOBE Facebook groups and ask.

Trial and Error

If you find a solo ads provider that has a lot of positive reviews and you got a lot of thumbs up about them when you asked around, the next thing, and probably the most reliable method of verifying a solo ads provider is to try them out. Order the minimum amount of clicks, but enough to get conversion, say, about 200.

When you start getting clicks, you will go to your MOBE back office and analyze the data. Find a free IP checker online, and take a random 10 percent of the clicks, then track them with the IP tracker to find out where each one is located. You should see IP addresses from regions you targeted your solo ads to. For example, if your solo ads for MOBE products where targeted to the US or any other English speaking country, but the IP addresses you see are from non-English speaking countries, that is a clear sign your solo ads provider is not legitimate.


MOBE Ratings: Always check out any solo ads provider you intend to use. Read reviews and confirm them independently with other marketers before you plunge in. And when you decide to do business with a solo ads provider, test them out first, do not spend all your budget on a new provider, no matter how good their reviews are. Try them out and if they are good as said, you it’s great because you might have found a lifetime provider.


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