MOBE Matt Lloyd: Choose an Operations Manager for Your Business

MOBE Matt Lloyd Tips: Operations managers oversee the manufacture of your company’s products. They are responsible for your company making profit, so it’s critical that you hire an effective one.Below are three MOBE training tips to help you choose the best operations manager for your business.

Understanding for Your Industry

An operations manager has to understand your products or services well. They need to make sure products are of good quality and follow company standards. They should understand the entire production process and make sure that every step is followed meticulously and effectively.

When interviewing for an operations manager, ask for the individual’s approach to manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and transportation, particularly in regards to your company and products.

Understand Customer Service

An effective operations manager will place customer satisfaction at the center of their decisions. They are responsible for the delivery of products in accurate specifications, quality, and other customer requirements in a timely and efficient manner.

They should understand what constitutes satisfaction for customers, their needs, and their expectations. This will help them connect with customers on the customer’s level and have an understanding to guide his subordinates on how to truly satisfy the customers.

An Effective Communicator

Effective communication is a very important factor for a leader, to ensure smooth flow of the work process.An operations manager needs to work with all sort of stakeholders in the business. Different groups will have different understanding levels and expectations. An effective operations manager should be able to translate complicated ideas and instructions to all these people according to the person’s level of understanding.

The should also be competent in using a variety of communication vehicles, including verbal, nonverbal, and written communications. In today’s digital age, they also need to be competent in online communications including social media.


Don’t be in too much hurry to hire an operations manager, take time to study their resume and background to find out their past performances. If possible, once you have selected your top two candidates, call and ask them to assess the company and provide a sample analysis of what they would improve.


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