MOBE Products Review: My Email Marketing Empire

MOBE Products Review: Email is a big part of today’s lifestyle. According to the Radicati Group, more than 34% of people in the world use email. This puts email marketing as one of the most impressive marketing method available today.

Almost every marketer uses emails in their campaigns, which means on daily basis, an average person receives several marketing emails. You need to make your emails stand out from that clutter if you want to get results. My Email Marketing Empire is a MOBE products that teaches you exactly how to do that. It is an eight module MOBE training program delivered by Matt Lloyd, in video format.

What Is It About?

The program will get you from the basics of emails like explaining the concept of email marketing, all the way to more advanced marketing tricks and secrets that will get you results. The eight modules feature ‘The Foundation of Marketing’ which talks about setting up your own website, building a list, etc. All the things necessary for your first campaign.

The second module looks at how you find offers to promote. If you are promoting MOBE products, you already have offers set in a hungry niche, and you will learn how to sell to them.

The third module looks at how you make money from your emails, while the fourth teaches you how to write emails that actually sell. You will get to know more about it when you learn how to segment your list in module five. The last three modules will teach you how to promote webinars, product launches, etc., and also gives you a fresh, holistic approach to email marketing. This MOBE product comes with invaluable, informative, bonus. You get two eBooks that teaches you about writing content for emails, and how to do launches.


Like all MOBE products, this program offers quality information that help you maximize your earnings online. It directly teaches you how to monetize your emails and get more conversion through them, which means more commission for you.


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