MOBE Review: Why You Should Become a LinkedIn Thought Leader

You can’t ignore the importance of LinkedIn in the business scene, and any entrepreneur who knows what’s good for them will want to have a significant presence in the platform. The platform, started as a central market for recruiters, has now evolved to become the epicenter for content consumption and sharing.

Reach Over 400 Million People

This gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to share their content with over 414 million users in the platform. This means a great source of traffic, especially that an Econsultancy research says LinkedIn is the top social referral source, responsible for 64% of all visits from social media platforms to company websites.

Building Authority

When you become a thought leader, people will come to you for advice and ideas. This means they will visit your website and pages to seek more information on your niche, not only that, they will also trust your advice enough to be influenced by it on their decision making.

For example, when you are a thought leader in business training, entrepreneurs looking for training tools to upgrade their businesses will look to you for advice. They will come to your website, and find your recommendation for MOBE training tools and products, and they will actually purchase from you. You will have gained great organic traffic that actually brought converting traffic without spending much.

Hone Copyrighting Skills

The more you keep writing and posting your content, the more you will learn to write for your niche. Those are the people who will buy from you, so you learn to create content that impresses them. Through interactions, you also learn what they want, what interests them, and what turns them off. This is important information that will help you create more precise copy relevant to your audience, hence you will be able to captivate and compel them to buy from you.


Being a LinkedIn thought leader is a great source of targeted organic traffic. You also get to have influence over these traffic’s decisions, so you can always guide them towards useful products they might not even be aware they need, which becomes a win-win situation; you make sales and they get something of value.

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