MOBE Review: What Makes Good Content?

MOBE Review: A lot of bloggers and digital marketing gurus always advise on writing ‘good content’ for your pages and websites. Its good advice, but many new marketers find themselves stuck wondering what exactly makes for good content. Is what they are doing sufficient? Should they improve? On what?

There is no one mold that sums up content as good. Good content is subjective and depends on who it is directed towards, so the simple answer to what makes good content would be ‘what your audience want’ if your content can’t captivate and hold your audiences’ attention, it can’t sell to them.

This MOBE review gives tips on how to create content that an audience would want, hence helping you create ‘good’ content. These are a few things audiences look for in content:

Something Different

There are too many blogs and articles online talking about the same thing. Audiences are looking for something fresh and new. It could be a topic that is already being discussed, but in an angle that isn’t explored a lot or more depth than what’s currently available.

Exposes a Problem/Thought Provoking

Audiences what content that challenges them and make them think. They want content that opens their eyes to something they might not have realized, hence expanding their knowledge horizon.

Solves A Problem/Answers A Question

Your content needs to provide audiences with solutions that can help them improve. It needs to help them solve a problem they are currently facing, and clear un any uncertainty they might have on a certain topic. For example, this MOBE review clears up uncertainty on what consists ‘good’ content.

 Something Exciting/ Entertaining

People like to be on the loop about the latest happenings. They want to know about the new shiny toy making abuzz in the industry. They also get on the internet for entertainment, so aim to have content that is informative but also fun filled and engaging.

This are just a few of the main components of an article with good content. Use this MOBE review alongside other resources to craft content that helps you make more sale and offer your website visitors information of value.

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