MOBE Training: How to Make Your Emails Stand Out

By 2015, the average person was receiving 88 emails per day. Only a small fraction of those get opened, and an even smaller fraction read. But, as a salesperson, you need your prospects to open and read your emails, click your links and visit your page. So, how do you craft emails that will catch the audience’s attention enough for them to read it?

Check out this MOBE training guide for some effective tips to boost your email marketing campaigns.

  • Polish your Subject Line

A subjectline is the entryway to your email. It should instantly catch the audience’s attention and compel them to open the email.

Make your subject line short; Mailchimp suggests about 50 characters of descriptive, meaningful words.

  • Keep It Short and Simple

Very long emails might seem overwhelming, and that can turn off the audience from reading it.  Write clever, concise copy and get to your point fast.

The first two sentences should be to make a connection with the audience, then move quickly to establish your purpose of writing.This are probably the most important sentences in your email. Within seconds of reading them, your audience should be able tell who you are and why you reached out.

From the very beginning, provide interesting information like statistics or benefits your clients have reaped from the product. Then you can go into details about your product or service. Be careful not to give away all the good stuff about your product, the purpose of the initial outreach is to provide a glimpse into your product and hook your prospect into responding either by emailing you back or clicking your links.

  • Close with A Call-to-Action

A call to action is one of the most important ways to elicit action when email marketing. Be specific with your call to actions and make sure it’s clear what the receiver needs to do. For example, ‘Contact me on this number to discuss this deal further’.

Email marketing is a very effective outreach method of generating leads and connecting with prospects. Use this MOBE training tips to improve your emails and boost your marketing efforts.


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