MOBE Review :Digital Audio Marketing

With the rise of online radio came the opportunity for digital audio advertising through streaming platforms like Pandora and Spotify, but is this latest trend worth spending your money on? Find out in this short but comprehensive MOBE review below.

There Is a Huge Market

Pandora alone has 81 million subscribers, with a large majority subscribed under ‘freemium accounts’. These means millions of potential customers will be exposed to your advertisement when the access their free accounts online.

Its Targeted

Audio streaming platforms offer targeted marketing that lines your advertisement with your potential clients. This includes people in your local area, and other demographics you might be targeting. So a majority of people exposed to your advertisement already have interest in products like yours, hence conversion rates are likely to be high.

Less Clutter

Most audio streaming platforms offer only one advertisement per interaction. Consumers won’t be exposed to a commercial every few minutes, which generally makes them tune off or become indifferent to advertisements.  Instead they will hear your and repeatedly through their interaction, which will imprint information about your product clearly.

No Push Marketing

Consumers do not like having advertisements pushed into their private space, for example, pop up advertisement while they are browsing. They might develop a negative view of a company that pushes advertisements on them, and not want to use its products. With digital audio streaming, they already expect advertisement because they are on free accounts.

Alternative Audience Engagement

Audio streaming platforms offer more than just advertisements. You can also engage your consumers through many direct interactions offered by the platforms. For example, in Spotify you can create branded playlists with tracks chosen by your consumers. Whenever a user accesses that playlist, they will be exposed to your company information.


Digital audio marketing offers a new way to connect with a large pool of potential customers worldwide in a non-evasive manner. It is growing tremendously, and gives your advertisements a unique airplay per interaction. Because of its many perks, this MOBE review comes to a conclusion that digital audio advertising should definitely be part of your marketing campaign.



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