Mobe Matt Lloyd Tips :Best US Cities For Business

Mobe Matt Lloyd Tips: Whether you’re looking to open up a small patisserie or become the next big tech sensation, the location from which you launch your enterprise will be one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make—and perhaps the most important.

Many business owners tend to overlook the importance of starting a business in the “right” location, often because they think they can move later as their business begins to scale. However, the actual growth of a business usually depends on how stable and effective the location is. If you’re not in an area or city where you have access to all the “growth-enhancing” amenities your business requires, then you’ll find it difficult to grow it in the future.

To help you decide where to launch your business in the US, here’s a list of the top five most practical locations:

5. Austin, Texas

Mobe Matt Lloyd Tips:The state capital boasts over 23,500 small businesses, which is around 2.5 times greater than the average for the entire US. This shouldn’t discourage entrepreneurs from thinking it’s an overly crowded market. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Austin’s an ideal place to launch a business where networking opportunities are so vast, and there’s a pedigree of successful startups.

Also, there seems to be no sign of Austin slowing down when it comes to investing dollars into new businesses. The National Venture Capital Association reports that Austin is amongst the top 10 metros for venture capitalist financing. In the earlier part of 2014, Austin witnessed a $362 million investment from venture capitalists.

Austin Stats

Metro population: 1.7 million
Living costs for the self-employed: 5.0% below the national average
Number of small companies per 10,000 people: 136

4. Tulsa, Oklahoma

Mobe Matt Lloyd Tips:The low costs of living make Tulsa one of the most affordable cities in the US. Companies like Partners for Livable Communities and Forbes have even labeled Tulsa as one of America’s most livable large cities.

When you’re starting out, you can ill afford to pay huge amounts of money for property rental or ownership. However, Tulsa offers very cheap housing with costs at a significant 34.5% below-average rate for self-employed individuals. You could reinvest that savings back into the business!

Tulsa Stats

Metro population: 936, 717
Living costs for the self-employed: 11.0% below the national average
Number of small companies per 10,000 people: 136

3. Nashville, Tennessee

Mobe Matt Lloyd Tips:Besides housing a plethora of honky-tonks and giving birth to some of the most prolific country artists, Nashville is a friendly city to promising small businesses. The Music City offers low business and living costs, with the former at 5.1% below the US average.

Nashville’s Entrepreneur Center is a non-profit association that helps startups across a range of industries including technology, social enterprise, healthcare, digital media and entertainment. Apart from creating opportunities to network, the Center provides mentorships and resources to help companies launch in half a year.

Nashville Stats

Metro population: 1.6 million
Living costs for the self-employed: 9.8% below the national average
Number of small companies per 10,000 people: 123

2. Omaha, Nebraska

Mobe Matt Lloyd Tips:The home of Warren Buffet could be inspiration enough for any budding entrepreneur to make Omaha their choice of location.

At 5.7% below the national average, business expenses in Omaha are almost a giveaway. If you’re thinking of starting up a financial services company, then Omaha would be the city of choice with business costs for this particular industry at a favorable 15.2% below the average.

Omaha Stats

Metro population: 866,454
Living costs for the self-employed: 12.3% below the national average
Number of small companies per 10,000 people: 138

1. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Mobe Matt Lloyd Tips:Adhering to a relatively modest budget is what most startup owners must do. Until your finances and profit margins begin to show significant growth, you have to be tactful with expenses. That’s one of the main reasons why the Sooner State should be your first choice for setting up a shop.

Business costs in Oklahoma City are 4.9% lower than the national average while living expenses are among some of America’s most affordable.

Oklahoma City Stats

Metro population: 1.3 million
Living costs for the self-employed: 10.1% below the national average
Number of small companies per 10,000 people: 148

Final Word

Before you make a decision on which is the best city for you to launch your business, you should regularly stay updated with the latest economic and political climate of the city. These can change rapidly and can have a major impact on your particular industry.

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