Mobe Brand Tips to implement online business


Here are 4 tips Mobe suggests to implement into your Online Business when you start setting up your brand.

1. Define Your Brand

Even in an online business, a brand is very important. I am sure that some of you have heard about “The Rich Jerk.” This was a classic example of a brand.

The Rich Jerk was a digital product of an affiliate marketer that was literally a “rich jerk.” The Rich Jerk made more money than you because most people were cowards, and never took action. The sales copy was hilarious, but it worked!

The Rich Jerk product went on to make a lot of money and did it because of having a solid brand. It was controversial, amusing, and effective! For your online business, what does your brand say about you? Are you the “newbie” up and comer? Or the seasoned expert that helps those looking to elevate their sales? Or are you focused on helping retirees make a secondary income?

All these questions will help design your brand.

2. Trust-building Relationships

One of the ways that you can implement branding in your online business is to establish a culture of trust very early on. Focus on giving your customers the trust in you to help them with whatever you are providing.

Always follow through on your promises, and do not make promises that you know you cannot keep. As your trust grows with your clients, this can become part of your brand. For instance, you can always use true testimonials as part of your branding. This will help create that level of trust in your relationships.

3. Never Underestimate Innovation

In an ever-changing world of business, keep in mind that innovation can take you a long way. Just try to maintain consistency with your existing brand while making changes on the fly. No one is going to believe you if you totally flip the script overnight with your messaging.

4. Actually Doing It… Branding that is.

In the respect of sticking to the topic at hand, make sure that you are actually using your branding once it’s been established. And you should be branding everything you own or publish. Many successful online marketers implement injections of their brand during every sales pitch, page, or video that they put out there.It might be something as simple as reiterating their story from rags to riches, or some sort of story that is intertwined into the branding message.

Keep up on your branding strategy and monitor that it is being implemented in each thing that you do. This is especially true if you are having proven results. You don’t want to take a step backwards because you started leaving out the details that got you to where you are today!

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