Mobe Diamond member Ken Krell Announces IM Workshops

Diamond member Ken Krell is the founder and executive director of the Institute for TotalPreneurship, where “Entrepreneurs become Totalpreneurs – because Totalpreneurs have it all.”

In this video, Ken talks about rainy days – both literally and figuratively – as he encourages YOU to grab everyone you know and come to the Internet Marketing Freedom Workshops and the Home Business Summits in Singapore in April.

Ken will be your host at the IMF/HBS events and he is excited to share all of the exciting things that are slated to happen within MOBE during the coming year and the next year. Ken wants to encourage you to promote this event so that you will be prepared for the rainy days and the sunny days ahead.

For more information on the IM Freedom and Home Business Summits, please Click here.

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